Meet Ashley

Ashley  |  Founder & Owner of Cozy Place Daycare

Ashley’s patience, compassion, and capacity for care was apparent even when she was young, often rescuing & nurturing small animals, and pet-sitting for friends and family. As a teenager, she began providing care for neighborhood children, including kids with special needs that other babysitters often avoid, such as those with diabetes, Tourette’s Syndrome, or ADD. She then gained professional experience by working at licensed care centers.

Ashley recognized a need for a quality daycare that addresses the needs of both the kids and their parents. With a background in business, customer service, and human resources, and professional experience in directing a care center, Ashley successfully started her own in-home daycare in April 2013 and soon expanded into a small licensed care center by 2014. Ashley believes in giving every child crossing her path—regardless of their family situation, background, or health issues—a chance to grow in a well-rounded manner and reach for the stars.

“People want someone who will put their own needs aside and care for them and their children like no one else has. They want their children to learn, grow, and WANT to learn.”

Ashley is a mother to 2 boys herself—Michael and Matthew. From a mother’s standpoint, Ashley believes that daycares should work smarter and have the passion and patience to make the difference in every detail possible. With Cozy Place Daycare, she strives to fulfill that goal of creating a place where children love to be at and that parents can rely on. Ashley regularly pursues continuing education and attends workshops in early childhood education. She is working towards a Child Development Associate credential (CDA). Besides spending time with her family, Ashley loves to devote any spare time to photography and knitting.

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