Praises and kudos for Cozy Place Daycare

“They go above and far beyond my wildest expectations for a daycare provider.”

“You will love she is an amazing daycare, her and all her staff are awesome. I have 4 kids and they have a blast there every day!!

“Cozy Place rocks!”

“…you ladies are champs and I can’t express how much it means to know your children are with people who love them and let them be themselves.”

“I have had 4 daycares and we love Ashley and her staff!!!!”

“Our son has been at Cozy Place since he was just a few months old. The staff here has always made us feel comfortable all around. It’s nice to know he is being looked after and encouraged to learn new things. We appreciate the open line of communication, the flexibility with our schedule and especially love being able to check on the Facebook page and see pictures of what the kiddos are up to that day. It’s a wonderful peace of mind to be able to get updates on what our son is doing at any time. We are happy to know he is at a safe and fun environment. We recommend Cozy Place Daycare to all our friends and family and couldn’t imagine our son anywhere else.”

“It’s not just a daycare, it’s an extended family.”

“I have two children, ages 5 and 7. For years I went through daycare hell. The whole time thinking my kids were receiving great care while I was working. Only, in each place I would find out something was happening to my children, from being hit by the provider to being forgotten outside. I came across Ashley and Cozy Place Daycare by accident after one such incident. Ashley agreed to meet with me that day and my kids immediately started in her care. After years of daycare hell I had found the perfect place! Ashley and her staff are completely amazing. They go above and far beyond my wildest expectations for a daycare provider. It’s not just a daycare it’s a second home. I sing their praises from the mountain tops. I refer her to all my friends and family and even perfect strangers. There is no safer place for my children to be while I work besides Cozy Place Daycare.”

“You make first time moms such as myself feel safe to leave my son with you. You have wonderful staff too. Thank you!!!”

“Thanks for the great week for [my daughter], she really enjoyed herself. It is nice to see her have fun again at a daycare, it has been a while.”

“There is nothing better than having complete trust and love for the place that takes care of your kids and the people that love your kids when you are working.